Dan Cohen: Community Builder

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We recently caught up with our friend Dan Cohen (@cohen) to chat about his passions for social good, community building, and sneakers.


Where are you from?
I grew up just north of Manhattan in Westchester County but now live in San Francisco.

What do you do?
just recently started a new position at Facebook where I’m a design program manager on their Social Good & Goodwill team. I work on design projects aimed at making Facebook friendlier. This new role links directly to my passion projects, which all revolve around social good, volunteering, and giving back.


What drives you?
I enjoy producing work that is meaningful. I’ve always felt grateful for all I have and feel it’s an obligation to help others. I might have inherited that from my mom who does a lot of volunteer work around dog rescue. I love collaboration and enjoy it more when the goal is to help other people.

What projects are you currently working on?
A few months back I launched Gramming for Good, which connects nonprofits with content creators on Instagram looking to give back through creating inspiring content. Gramming for Good helps facilitate the process of connecting Instagrammers with nonprofits whose mission they are passionate about. Brands are already pretty pervasive on the platform. Gramming for Good hopes to get nonprofits up to speed as well.

What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?
Probably moving out to California after college only knowing one other person there.

Best advice you've ever received?
Keep your head down, stay focused on what you do best and don’t look at the guy next to you.


Where do you get your inspiration? 
I get it from everywhere; looking at art, photography, and doing a bit of travel always helps get the creative juices flowing. I also own a lot of books, which I’ll reference or peruse when I need some inspiration.

How would you describe your style?
I’d say my style is minimal with some small pops of color and little details.

Do you have any style secrets or tips?  
I think attention to detail is key. In my experience, people always seem to notice the small things: socks, shoes and watches.

How do you accessorize?  
Watches and shoes. I own over 40 pairs of sneakers and have a love of watches.

What do you like about watches?  
I like how different watches can tell their own unique story and how each one can complement a different outfit appropriately.

What’s your favorite place?
Definitely Tokyo. I think you have to go there to get an idea of why it’s so amazing. The people, food, culture, architecture, transportation – all of it combined makes it an amazing place.

What is your favorite thing about San Francisco?
I love that San Francisco is surrounded by amazing wilderness. Lakes and mountains are just a short drive away for a quick escape from city life.

What’s your favorite book?
Catcher in the Rye. I know a little cliche but I’ve read it so many times. I love it.

What is currently on repeat on your music playlist?
I’ve been digging back into my old stuff from college with bands like Pavement and Archers of Loaf.


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