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All Good Things Take Time: Hella Leah

January 16 2019

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Masterpieces that surround us have so much detail -- Truly, "all good things take time."

We got to #spendtime with duct tape artist & graphic designer, Hella Leah.

Watch/Read how All Good Things Take Time in her creative life:

"The thing that takes the most time about making duct tape art is actually the design process -- figuring out how I'm gonna layer it, what my designs gonna be, and my concept behind everything. Sometimes it takes longer than actually making the piece itself."

"A lot of my art has to do with 90s hip hop or Disney -- the two things I really like. I'm the youngest of three siblings so I got influenced by the music that they listened to. I just like the whole vibe and sounds and feel of the 90s and how bright it is."

"The fastest project I did was actually for Mailchimp. I was commissioned to do a billboard... they had me do a live tape, which was the first time I ever did a live duct tape in front of people. I was really nervous and I only had around four hours. For the size of the piece I did, it was pretty much the fastest piece.

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