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It’s summa, summa, summatime and what better way to spend it than traveling? (There's no better way). We met up with NYC fashion and travel blogger Cynthia Andrew (@simplycyn) to get her top 5 traveling tips so this summer, you can explore the world like a pro.

1. Pack light: This is a big one and for some reason, one that so many people struggle with. You do not need to take EVERYTHING with you. There will be options at your destination and you will survive without your large bottle of conditioner or those dressy shoes you swear you might need but won't end up wearing.

2. Talk to the locals: Whether traveling alone or with group, make sure to spend a little time to chat up the locals. You are not only traveling to see and be seen, but to learn and fully experience traditions and customs unlike yours. That only happens when you connect with people.

3. Off the beaten path: The most amazing places I've been to have required a whole lot of sweat and tears to get to. The big name destinations are always easier to get to - many flights, buses, trains etc. but some of the most spectacular places on the planet require a lot more effort, but are definitely worth your while.

4. Save Money: Want to save money? Follow students. College/university students know the deal when it comes to cheap eats and drinks. Sometimes it's a hole in the wall that makes the most delicious food, or it's a nicer than expected cafe serving the best coffee and asked goods.

5. Get to walking: Tour buses are nice, bike rides are even better, but nothing beats the freedom and the ability to take it all in. Pause, explore, take pics, talk to people, make unplanned detours, discover alleys and backroads and shops and food by walking the city.  While not every destination is made for walking, so many are. And you won't even feel guilty because you've burned so many calories throughout the day. Think of it this way - you see more, you burn more and then you get to close out your day by eating more.

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