All Good Things Take Time: James Chen

November 29 2018

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We got to #spendtime with actor, James Chen -- a Yale School of Drama MFA Graduate you may recognize from shows like The Walking Dead or Law & Order: SVU.

Watch/Read how All Good Things Take Time in his creative life:

I had a teacher named Ron van Lieu who would tell us, “You know, a lot of people want to go into acting because they want to be famous and that’s okay as long as it doesn’t stay that way. You have to respect, and love, and appreciate, pursue and dignify this craft that you’re in.”

What makes a good artist?

You could be extremely technically proficient but it could be empty or meaningless if you’re not filling it on the inside with your soul of what you’re feeling.


What is the importance of how you #spendtime ?

How we choose every second is so important. It’s not to be regimented and count every single second in an anxious way, but to just be mindful of deciding how I’m going to choose to live my life ‘cause really that’s what it is — it’s opportunity of what you want to make out of yourself and what you want to build while you’re here.

I’m James Chen and all good things take time. 

Videography + Photography: WATS Media 


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