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All Good Things Take Time: Korey Austin

July 16 2019

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We got to #spendtime with fitness trainer, model, and all around amazing human Korey Austin. Watch his story on how he went from being a backup dancer, member of a music band, was scouted as fashion model, and ended up building his very own business -- hear what "all good things take time" means to him.

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It was small town boy from backwoods Kentucky being kind of thrown into a huge city. The hustle is real. I feel like when you're in New York, you're always on someone else's time. You're waiting for the subway. Your'e waiting to go into somewhere. You're waiting for a casting call... One thing I actually missed was being on my own time.

What brought you to fitness?
Fitness had always been a part of my life. I wanted to take care of my body and in life I've always been someone to help other people as well. I felt like it was a good situation to help other people help themselves. It gives me motivation at times too because seeing somebody hit their goals I'm like, "I need to be doing this as well. I need to be hitting my goals!"

How do you  #spendtime?
I love to spend time with my dog and my partner Joe. I love to spend time with my chickens -- literally I have 20 of them in my backyard and they're all named after famous female country singers. All good thing takes time means to me: whatever path it is that you need to take, you'll eventually come to that. Whether it be starting in music, ending in fitness - whatever it is, you'll end up there. The universe has a plan for you so I feel like timing is everything.

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