All Good Things Take Time: Sage Guillory

January 14 2020

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We got to #spendtime with Atlanta based artist Sage Guillory. We went over his creative process, what #allgoodthingstaketime means to him, and how he #spendtime. Let's dive in.

What does 'All Good Things Take Time' mean to you?

All good things take time and that’s a true statement because everything’s a process. Everything has a beginning, a middle, a back to the drawing board moment. I’m usually in love with an idea, and I start on it, and then I hate it… and then I finally finish it and I’m on top of the world.

How do you #spendtime? 

I spend time working on myself. Say you’re drunk as hell and you buy a water for whatever reason. You just buy it. And you wake up in the middle of the night like OMG I can’t breathe. And then you’re like oh shit I have this big ol’ jug of water I bought. Shout out to the old me that got this for me.


I really want to help people. I really want to help my family… I just need my art to take me to a level where I can afford it and that’s my goal.

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