Introducing our Signature Dog Supplies

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Four years ago I met Chewy.

She was a Pekingese-Shih Tzu mix, and at the time she was the runt of her litter - sickly, weak, neglected. We crossed paths when I was also going through a tough stretch in my life, and Chewy brought me so much joy! I love to spoil her: she eats home cooked meals, and I try to give her only the best. She has a growing collection of beautiful collars and leashes, though as a shopper I've noticed it's hard to find what I'm looking for: many collars are made from cheap materials, and when I do find a nice collar or leash made of high quality leather, it's often incredibly expensive. 

We spent over a year designing and creating our own collars and leashes, partnering with an experienced manufacturer who creates luxury leather accessories for both dogs and humans (including $1000+ handbags!). We wanted to create beautiful, high quality accessories at a fair price for dog lovers around the world.

A focus on the details.
Honestly priced. 
Accessible luxury. 

It's why we started Leonard & Church in the first place.

- Arden Cho, Co-Founder

S E E   O U R   D O G   S U P P L I E S


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