Modern American Style

Precise craftsmanship

Sapphire Crystal Lens

Each watch is fitted with sapphire crystal, a gemstone known for its scratch resistance, durability, and superior hardness. The hardness of a mineral is rated on Mohs scale, with 10 Mohs representing the hardest and strongest: diamonds rate at 10 Mohs; sapphire crystal is 9 Mohs.

Original Dial

A clean, contemporary take on classic timepiece designs. Every index and texture on our dials is applied by hand by one of our expert watchmakers.

Precise Movement

Our watches feature both automatic and Swiss Ronda and Miyota Quartz movements made in Switzerland and Japan for exact time keeping and durability.

Engraved Backplate

Each Leonard & Church backplate is forged from surgical grade stainless steel and laser engraved.

Sturdy Case Design

Cases are made of surgical grade stainless steel, offering added strength and corrosion resistance, and hand finished for a variety of striking looks: polished, matte, or brushed.

Handcrafted Leather Band

Our genuine leather is shaped from premium South American hides known for their durability, thickness, and smoothness. With wear, naturally occurring oils in the leather form a subtle, elegant sheen.

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