In the Spring of 2013, we began designing a watch that we would want to wear: minimalist yet traditional; quality over brand. We were a small but passionate group of friends in NYC and LA, and we were industry outsiders. Since then, we've grown organically to over 60 different countries around the world but what will never change is our commitment and loyalty to our customers, as well as the way we build our products: one at a time, by hand. 

At Leonard & Church, we're building a new type of fashion company: vertically integrated and honestly priced.  

Arden, Chris, Jeff 

We believe in small-batch manufacturing.

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We've served customers in over 60 different countries around the world.

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A Different Approach

We partner directly with leading leather and watch makers, skip the excessive markups, and take a fair margin so you can get more than one. 

Our Process

Sapphire Crystal

We handcraft our classic style watches with sapphire crystal, surgical grade stainless steel, and genuine natural leather. 

Our Product

Who We Are

Born in NYC

In the market for a quality watch, co-founders and friends Arden, Chris and Jeff were surprised by what they discovered: a supply chain riddled with middle men; 1000%+ industry markups; and a gap in the market for a beautiful, thoughtfully made watch that doesn’t break the bank.

We couldn't find what we were looking for, so with a small group of friends we decided to build it ourselves. Our objective is deceptively simple: deliver handmade, quality products that people will love at an honest price. Our name pays homage to a neighborhood and a city that brought us together. We're excited you are joining us.

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